The Pure Heart and Straight Reason in Jonathan Edwards’s Theology


1 Associate Professor, Department of Islamic Philosophy, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin

2 Postgraduate in philosophy of religion, Imam Khomeini International University, Qazvin,


The article "Sound Heart and Straight Mind in Jonathan Edwards Theology" by Ruhollah Adineh and Hamed Afsharian was published in the 14th issue (Autumn and Winter of 1398) of the Journal of Religious Studies (JRS) after similarity check and review. At that time, the similarity percentage was detected by Samim Noor System as less than 8%, which seemed normal. Following the publication, one of the JRS's serious readers claimed in an email that the article was mainly taken and translated from the first chapter of William Wainwright's book "Reason and the Heart: A Prolegomenon to a Critique of Passional Reason".
After investigation, the above claim was established. Hence, the article is deleted due to non-observance of research ethics. Hereby JRS thanks the respected reader and apologizes to other esteemed readers.
Chief Editor


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