A Critical Intra-Religious Survey on the Legitimacy of the Bible in Christianity

Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD Student of Comparative Religious Studie, University of Religions and Denominations (Corresponding Auther)

2 Assistant Profesor, Department of Religions, University of Religions and Denominations.


Bible is the greatest theological source of Christianity that enjoys the ultimate intra-religious legitimacy possible. Legitimacy can be defined as a feature formed in the history of a scripture or that of its interpretation, dealing with the sanctity being kept by its creator.
The prominent Christian theologians considered Bible as the revelation of God that was descended by the Holy Spirit, while prophets and messengers were merely His medium.
There are several verses in the New Testament confirming the legitimacy of the Bible. It is also considered by the Jesus Christ of high validity and legitimacy. Therefore it should be emphasized that everyone is to respect and obey the Bible as a legitimate and valid holy book.
The Church, doctrines and the community should follow the Bible in terms of validity, but there are many problems regarding its internal legitimacy that result in the invalidity of its reasoning. This article critically surveys the reasoning for the legitimacy of the bible.


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