A Survey on Dharma in Buddhism

Document Type : Research Paper


1 MA Graduate of Comparative Religions and Mysticism, University of Semnan (Corresponding Auther)

2 PhD Student of Religions and Mysticism, Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch, Tehran


Dharma is one of the most important teachings of Buddhism upon which many other teachings of the religion are based. A notion similar to Dharma preexists Buddhism in Hindu culture under the title of Ryth that is associated with the cosmic order. Later in Buddhism, the Ryth has also taken several meanings and functions, getting related with law, morality and the four noble truths. In this paper, first, we will briefly survey and explain various meanings and functions of Dharma in Hinduism and Buddhism and point to some similar notions in the other religions.
Finally we conclude that teachings similar to Dharma could be detected in the other religions and cultures. Although the Buddha does not actually teach anything about God, but his teachings on Dharma looks like the concept of God in other religions such as Logos in the Christianity.


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