Analysis and Review of Abd al-Karim Sorush's View on the Knowledge of Shiite Imams

Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor, Department of Shiite Studies, University of Religions and Denominations, Qom, Iran


Simultaneously with the emergence of the issue of Imamate, the Shiites, citing the words of the Holy Prophet (S), insisted on the special knowledge of the Imams more than any other features. They assigned it a key role in establishing the Imamate and considered it as a theological issue with different approaches. Abd al-Karim Sorush Dabbagh is one of the modern thinkers who has recently commented on the position and scientific authority of the Imams (AS) with a pluralistic approach. He has criticized the Shiites' belief in the scientific position of the Imams in several ways, and has basically considered it an exaggerated idea. In this article, by analyzing and reviewing his speech and writing, we try to clarify some important issues including: 1. His dualism about the revelatory knowledge of the Imams after the Holy Prophet (S) 2. His instrumental use of al-Ghazzali to show him as an accomplice; 3. Accusing the Shiites of exaggeration for believing in the revelatory knowledge of the Imams (AS).


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