Rereading the Religiosity of Yarsan

Document Type : Research Paper


Assistant Professor, Department of Islamic Teachings, Lorestan University, Khorramabad, Iran


Yarsanians have been known and seen in Iran as Ahl-e-Haq, and others have called them Alavi, Nusayri, Shamloo, Sarali, Gholat, Baktashi, and so on. Anin (while) Ahl-e-Haq expresses the ideas of ​​the woolen people, dervishes and anyone who has the passion and mania of Farzan (mysticism) in his heart and eyes. The ancient writings of Yarsanis have long called the special religion of some Lors and Kurds Yarsan, and it seems that the name of Ahl-e-Haq is a new name for them and not a self-proclaimed name by themselves. On the other hand, the many similarities of the Yarsanism with Islam, especially the Shiites, cannot be overlooked. Many luminaries and saints of Yari rituals came to be known after the emergence of Islam in Islamic lands and with its teachings. The discourse of the dawn of creation, the heavenly prophets, the monotheistic worldview, the special place of Imam Ali, the pure veils of the Prophet and many other beliefs are signs of Islam and Shiism. Pan (Ama) the story of the Yarsanian religiosity is much deeper than many think and requires more careful research. Yaryan's efforts to revive the Iranian religion, the Kurdish religion, the sanctity of the book "End", the prophethood of Shah Sahak and beliefs such as anthropomorphism, Donadon and many other beliefs, show that the Yarsanism is a different religion. In this article, we try to show the religiosity of Yarsan, by using the report-processing method and adopting a phenomenological approach from the perspective of religious researchers (field of religions).


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