A critical Investigation on the Historical roots of “Ahle-Hagh” in religions

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One of the most important topics about the history of the Mystical school of Ahl al-Haq is its Religious

origin. The possible originations has been found

in old Iranian religions, Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam (Shia and Ismailia). The ancientness of this religion is also a point of view that has been put forward by some experts of Ahl al-Haq

. In this manuscript the author tried to firstly criticize, and then to propose a new viewpoint suggesting that historical nucleus of formation of Ahle- Hagh, was based on some mystical leaders who were propagating mysticism, and possibly were designing military operations against cruel dynasties in Perdivar region. It is not possible to go after the characters of Ahle-Hagh, due to theoretical and religious background, and mythological debates. However, it is possible to find some roots of this branch by accommodating between Ahle-Hagh mythological characters with historical events. It should be emphasized that in this study the author has used a plenty of field observation as well.


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